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Friday, 14 September 2012

Crazy Reactions to the Maeda Atsuko and Sato Takeru Scandal

disclaimer: This article is a reaction to a story published by Shunkan Bunshun, which was featured in AramaTheyDidn't.
The Shunkan Bunshun article
credits to the said tabloid and to Aramatheydidn't!

I have never had liquor all my life, so I don't know why a lot of people risk their sanity for a shot of this foul-smelling drink. But I don't want to talk about the ubiquity of alcohol and all those bore because tonight, I am more preoccupied with how it made two of my favorite idols--Takeru Sato and Atsuko Maeda-- become the talk of the town.
I think you've already read that column in AramaTheyDidn't about Take-chan and Acchan's latest scandal. No, it was not THAT kind of scandal. It was actually just a normal thing that happens when you drink like there's no tomorrow. But every time it happens to celebrities, things just suddenly become a big deal.  (Read more here.)
So what happened was, Acchan (Maeda Atsuko) and Take-chan (Sato Takeru) was at a gokon (something like a group date), when  Acchan suddenly stormed out of the Karaoke bar (where the party was held) crying and basically, throwing a hissy fit. She was obviously drunk, and so her alleged date, Sato Takeru ended up taking her (to her) home. Simple as that. Or I wish it were.

"Acchan, NOOO!"

That was actually my initial reaction when I read the headline. We all know that messing up is a part of growing up, but as a celebrity, a single mistake like this might actually leave a stain on the "innocent" idol image of the AKB princess. I'm not really into AKB48, but I like Acchan. I saw her first in this crazy and creepy drama she did when she was still a nobody, and I liked her ever since. That's why I'm so sorry that just weeks after her AKB graduation, she got into this mess.
one of Acchan's first dramas
(It was actually fun!)
Acchan somehow got upset during the party and stormed out of the Karaoke bar.
After being sober for a while, she was seen talking to Take-chan then broke down again.
credits to Shunkan Bunshun and to Aramatheydidn't!

Paws up, Take-chan!

It's so funny but I don't feel worried about Takeru at all. As far as I'm concerned, this incident only proves how he was raised well by his parents. It was so thoughtful of him to go the extra mile and bring a drunk girl home even though he was drunk himself. But of course people have something to say about how he carried Acchan. I actally lolled hard myself!
The Shunkan Bunshun read:  Acchan was carried "like a princess."
But it was obvious that she wasn't. Haha! Poor Takeru is now getting a lot of hate for not being so strong to hold her properly. This particular photo has even gone viral in the internet:

Take-chan's been getting a lot of hate because he carried Acchan
like she were a bag of potatoes or something.
some "fan art" people have uploaded. LOL!
see more at AramaTheyDidn't!

I think I heard someone's heart break.

I don't want to be so gossipy or anything but reading between the lines, I think the only thing that could have made Acchan so upset was, like, getting dumped or something. I dunno. Takeru's awesomeness is on the spotlight right now because of RuroKen. Perhaps, just like many other girls, Acchan is just crushing on him, but Takeru did not want to take advantage of an infatuated girl, so he declined or something. 
Acchan looks so devastated in this picture. If she was indeed dumped by Takeru, I can't help but feel sorry for her;
but I think I'm even more sorry that her heartbreak was actually documented for everyone to remember. 

The Q10 Deja Vu

Takeru seems to carry Acchan a lot, on and off screen. LOL! 

Maybe stories like these just make us realize how our idols are entirely different from the roles they portray on TV. Acchan might have played Q10, but she is definitely not a robot who is devoid of emotions, and Takeru may have been the perfect on screen Himura Kenshin, but he certainly does not have the Hitokiri Battosai's strength and god-like speed. LOL! But fans are forgiving, they know that at then end of the day, their idols are also humans who mess up once in a while. Well as for me, I still adore Acchan, and I still love my Takeru. In fact, I'm now even more proud of him. Way to go, Takeru! Meow!


Liza Marie Castillo said...

i love takeru sato no matter wat happens.. and i experience being drunk.. simply put.. people should just leave thealone for it can happen to anybody:))

Rhenlols said...

I know. But they are celebrities so things like these are big deal for the media. But what's important is that we understand them and yeah, we still love Takeru through and through! ^^~

Anonymous said...

I love Takeru and I will always understand him. I will not judge him by his actions no matter what happen. As a loving fan... he's always the best. lets just accept the fact they're just also humans like us..ordinary people who has their personal life. So we should not make issues about them. Respect them. I love you Takeru!!!!!

Rhenlols said...

On the contrary, issues are good for Takeru's career. He's a celebrity, after all! Let's just wish he keeps having good issues and not bad ones (or those he can handle). :D

Anonymous said...

I love Takeru.

Mandy Zhang said...

i love maeda atsuko.. she'll always be the best in akb48 in everyone's heart <4

Anonymous said...

They are just human! i think that's not a big problem. Takeru is so talented and adorable! i like him very much! Tekeru fighting!!! :D (Sr for bad English :( )

Andri Widyaningrum said...

Still love takeru chann, no matter about his bad news. We are ordinary people, and I can't judge him or her. I still positiv thinking about him, full support for takeru chan!! Love you!!

Anonymous said...

Takeru-san is a gentleman. the pics are a bit funny though. he is such a sweetheart and anyone would have done the same thing if his/her companion was drunk. all is well! takeru-san,you rock. love you!:)

Princess said...

aaaww... take kun, he was very sweet and caring. to carry a girl that way is really unapropriate, but we know it means he felt hard, tired and been drunk that time. i hope for the best for their friendship. and for take chan... keep up the good act. love you :)

Vielle said...

I fell in love even more with Takeru when I read this article.. And I feel sorry for Acchan.. But no matter what the story is, I hope they can still be good friends.. I love them both in Q10..
Takeru I will always be your number one fan forever.. <3 ^_^

Anonymous said...

I will still marry yot Takeru no matter what. HAHA...

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